Microsoft Office excel 2007 indir

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Microsoft Office excel 2007 indir

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Yazar: Curtis D. Frye
Yayınevi: Microsoft Press
ISBN: 073562304X
Boyut: 30.6 MB

Excel provides an easy-to-use, powerful spreadsheet environment that helps you handle calculations and data more effectively. With Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Step by Step, youll learn all the ins and outs of working with Excel features, including the exciting new interface for this latest version of Office. This information-packed guide provides numbered steps and hands-on examples that show you how to get the most out of Excel. With this book, youll learn how to work with tools to make worksheet entry faster, make your Excel documents more attractive, present information visually with charts, sorting and filtering data, publish documents on the Web, and lots more. The companion CD provides all exercise source files so that you get hands-on with Excel right away.
Microsoft Office Excel 2007 - Step by Step

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